Working Papers

Sok Chul Hong, Christopher Paik and Yangkeun Yun, “Family Matters in a Meritocracy: Networks, Exams and Officialdom in the Joseon Dynasty”

Christopher Paik and Jessica Vechbanyongratana, “Reforms, Railways and Rice: Political Railroads and Local Development in Thailand”

Kemal Akoz, S.P. Harish and Christopher Paik, “Size, Resource Endowment and Survival of States

Christopher Paik, Joel Selway and Jessica Vechbanyongratana,“Mandala Matters: Former Tributary States and Modern Civil Conflict in Thailand”

Ji Yeon Hong, Cecilia Mo and Christopher Paik, “Can Shared War Experience be a Gateway to Increase Refugee Acceptance?”

Duol Kim and Christopher Paik, “Railroad Rides for Freedom: Colonial Transportation Networks and Diffusion of Independence Movement”


Occupiers and Owners: Legacies of Colonial Enterprises (with Ji Yeon Hong)

Cassava Cultivation, Consumption and Urbanization in Africa (with Sok Chul Hong and Yangkeun Yun)

Ballots and Bullets: The Electoral Aftermath of the Maoist Insurgency (with Mario Chacon)

“Spreading Knowledge in Exile” (with Sok Chul Hong and Yangkeun Yun)

“Measuring Cultural Affinity to China: from the Silk Roads to the Belt and Road Initiative” (with Lisa Blaydes)

Keeping Pulses on the Soil: Cultivation Practice and the Early Rise of Political Organization