Working Papers

Sok Chul Hong, Christopher Paik and Yangkeun Yun, “The Road to Ascension: Exams, Lineages and Civil Servants of the Joseon Dynasty

Christopher Paik and Jessica Vechbanyongratana, “Reforms, Railways and Rice: Political Railroads and Local Development in Thailand”

Lisa Blaydes and Christopher Paik, “Old World Trade Diasporas

Kemal Akoz, S.P. Harish and Christopher Paik, “Size, Resource Endowment and Survival of States

Christopher Paik, Joel Selway and Jessica Vechbanyongratana,“Mandala Matters: Former Tributary States and Modern Civil Conflict in Thailand”

Ji Yeon Hong, Cecilia Mo and Christopher Paik, “Can Shared War Experience be a Gateway to Increase Refugee Acceptance?”

Duol Kim and Christopher Paik, “Railroad Rides for Freedom: Colonial Transportation Networks and Diffusion of Independence Movement”


Occupiers and Owners: Legacies of Colonial Enterprises (with Ji Yeon Hong)

Cassava Cultivation, Consumption and Urbanization in Africa (with Sok Chul Hong and Yangkeun Yun)

Ballots and Bullets: The Electoral Aftermath of the Maoist Insurgency (with Mario Chacon)

“Spreading Knowledge in Exile” (with Sok Chul Hong and Yangkeun Yun)

“Measuring Cultural Affinity to China: from the Silk Roads to the Belt and Road Initiative” (with Lisa Blaydes)

Keeping Pulses on the Soil: Cultivation Practice and the Early Rise of Political Organization